Louisburg United Methodist Preschool (LUMPS)

As our preschool is well into our TENTH year of operation I would like to reintroduce LUMPS. LUMPS is blessed with a Christian group of teachers that have much love for all children. LUMPS has been blessed with growth. Over the past ten years, our preschool has grown from 8 students to 48! LUMPS has been blessed with support. When a group of us met ten years ago, our present rooms and playgrounds and nursery were all but barren. The basement was also in bad shape and barely used.

Look where we are now! Look what we have been able to add to our beautiful church and grounds:

  • Two playgrounds equipped for outdoor- fun (thanks to Eagle Scout projects, United Way grants, volunteers, donations…)
  • Picnic tables in our shelter area (thanks to Eagle Scout project)
  • Benches in our Memorial Garden
  • Upgraded basement kitchen -hot water heater, dehumidifier, stove, tables, chairs, refrigerator, inviting atmosphere (thanks to Bill Lord, Warren Blackburn, our Youth)
  • CD players in all the classrooms and upstairs in Jack Pugh room as well as TV with DVD,VHS player.
  • Walkie-Talkies that are used by Jennifer Smith, Arthur Smith and preschool staff. These have been invaluable for safety and communication.
    tables, chairs, ARK, climbing outdoor equipment, outdoor toys, cubbies, bookshelves, educational toys, supplies, the list goes on……. ( Thanks to donations, fundraisers, LUMPS budget..)
  • New painted walls in rooms, shelves installed over sinks in each room (thanks to Warren Blackburn and Buddy Street)
  • Installation of new camera/buzz in door system

So many children and young people pass thru Louisburg United Methodist Church- nursery, scouting, preschool, Sunday School… how nice that, in part, because of LUMPS (and all its support) we have rooms, equipment, and supplies to share with them.

I get very excited when I think about Louisburg United Methodist Preschool. How proud we should all be of our preschool program here. We enrich the lives of children as they grow and develop educationally and spiritually!

God Bless each of you at Louisburg United Methodist Church!

Ann Peoples
Director/Teacher LUMPS